Chairperson Stepping Down

After eleven years as Chairperson of Canterbury Brass Kevin McMorran is stepping down from the role at the next Annual General Meeting.

Kevin says “its time for someone new”.  Thankfully Julia Mallett has agreed to take on the challenge.

Reflecting on his time as Chairperson Kevin said “we are well set up in terms of assets and infrastructure - we now need to focus on undertaking more concerts and building a supporter’s base”. 

Kevin also said “the Band has come a long way and a lot of the historical problems we have faced have gradually been overcome. I still have a couple of projects to finish the most important of which is the seat sponsorship scheme.  This will provide the Band with much needed operational money giving us the financial security to plan and produce concerts”.

As to the future Kevin is looking forward to focusing on playing and working more closely to develop individuals within the Band.