News from 2008

20 July 2008

What a contest!!

The contest build up started with the weekend rehearsal. Unfortunately the weather did not help preparations with a large fall of snow. This proved too much for our Australian friends who took the opportunity to get their pictures taken in the snow with instruments.


Marcus Salone .......................Wayne Preusker


The contest proper started on the Wednesday with some excellent results for individuals in the Band.

Jess Hix and Josh Dill came second in their respective events. The percussion ensemble were also second. Tyme Marsters won the flugel with Mason Elliott second.

Tyme then won the champion of champions event - an outstanding result and the first time this event has been won by a member of Canterbury Brass. All members were very proud of Tyme and it is a pleasure to have such a fine player in the Band.


Champion of Champions - Tyme Martsers

The Band came second in the Street March and performed with distinction. Todd Turner again annexed the title of Champion Drum Major - another outstanding effort.

Drum Major

Champion Drum Major - Todd Turner


The Band performed very well in the sacred item and test. Shane Foster had prepared the Band with meticulous attention to detail and this was evident in a very good performance.

Ellerby's Elgar Variations was the own choice work. This is probably one of the hardest works the Band has tackled and the performance did not disappoint.

Overall the Band was placed sixth. We can be well pleased with this result and it marks a turning point for the Band after a rocky period in our history.

The Band of the Year contest on the Sunday again proved our ability to perform a thoroughly entertaining professional programme.

We now have a solid foundation to build on and much credit must go to Shane Foster who has worked tirelessly to rebuild and re shape the Band into a formidable ensemble.

At the conclussion of the Band of the Year contest, the band had a small get together to wind down and present Kevin McMorran with the Inaugural Life Membership of Canterbury Brass award. Kevin has been the driving force in the band overcoming it's rocky period and along with Shane, responsible for the band attending the 2008 National contest.


Inaugural Life Member - Kevin McMorran being presented his Life Membership plaque by band Patron, David Cox